Sale Amount: $100,000.00 USD 

Payment Terms: Bank Transfer, NO Financing 

Business Located In: La Quinta, California 

Sometimes you just need a change. Sometimes you decide that the life you are living doesn’t fit any longer. That’s where we are now. We need a change. We need a way to be more in alignment with our passions and our lifestyle. In order to make those changes happen, we are selling BurpeesSuck and Icon66. We established in 2010. We have loved it. When we first started, we were one of only a few fitness companies that focused on women. We have absolutely loved designing shirts that motivate women and allow them to declare to the world their badassery. The concept of Icon66 followed a couple of years ago. We added TWISFU, Pirate and Diver to Icon66 and started to build designs and a following. When my husband and I turned 50, we started to realize that our goals in life had changed. Where we want to live changed. What we want to focus on changed. We are ready for a new direction in our lives, and selling our company is the first step in making those changes happen. 
We have wanted to move the Florida Keys for a few years. We vacation there whenever we can. When we aren’t there, we watch live feeds of Key West, we follow Keys Instagram pages, we plan for our next trip there and we talk about living there constantly. We feel like it’s our home away from home. Now, we are ready to make the leap and embrace that life. We have two brands that we are working on that fit in our new life - Island Gypsy Life and Mojito Tim. These two brands are everything that we are. These brands are us. That is where we want to focus our time, energy and life. In order to have that, we need to let all else go. In order to give our passion and time to Island Gypsy Life and Mojito Tim, we have to allow someone else to take over BurpeesSuck and Icon66. 
While we are excited about making these changes, we are also going to miss our BurpeesSuck community. We have been so fortunate to have the friends, followers and customers that we have. Through highs and lows of business and life, our BurpeesSuck family has been there. They made all of it worthwhile. Whoever purchases our company will be lucky to start their journey with such an amazing following. Additionally, we are hoping that by letting BurpeesSuck go, someone will purchase it that has the passion for fitness and motivation that we once had. The brand and our customers deserve that. 
What you need to be successful is dedication and passion. You need to live and breath creativity and motivation. You do not need to be super fit or a fitness guru. Yes, there are a lot of the BurpeesSuck customers that are extremely fit and fitness is their lifestyle, but the majority need help and motivation because they are struggling to become or stay fit. The Icon66 brands are fun, irreverent and are an added revenue source for your new company. 
We are selling everything. The brands of BurpeesSuck and Icon66, plus the Direct To Garment (DTG) printing equipment to print the shirts. When you purchase our company you will be purchasing a badass fitness brand with a large following and the means to print shirts. We will provide a list of everything included in the sale to serious potential buyers. We can also include time with us learning about your new company and learning how to use a DTG printer. We found that DTG is an exceptional way to fulfill orders. Not only does it print incredible color options but you can fulfill on-demand as you get orders. This mean very little inventory and almost no closeouts. Plus, this is the perfect time to purchase. Holiday is starting in a little over a month. January is also a big month since it is traditionally when people are heading back to the gym after the holiday season. 
If interested email us at and tell who you are and why you are interested in purchasing our company. Include your phone number so we can call you and get a feel for who you are. Once we are satisfied that you are legitimately interested and have the means to purchase, we will send over specs and sale package. Please be prepared to send us a screen capture of your bank balance to prove that you have the funds immediately available to pay, in full. We are not interested in taking payments or in trades. Unless, of course, you have an amazing house in the Florida Keys you want to trade. Then we might be willing to talk trade. 
BurpeesSuck and Icon66 will continue to operate during this time. Our intention is to find a new owner who will love the brand and our customers as much as we have. We will continue to work our business until it is sold and we help the new owners transition. Thank you for hanging in there with us during this time. 
Thank you,
Vicki and Tim Pearson
Included In the Sale Of BurpeesSuck and Icon66 and Brands
- 2 fully functioning eCommerce websites 
- All graphic design elements (Adobe AI & PS format, software not included) for brands on hard drive.
- 172,000 Social media Likes / Follows (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter)
- 7 years of BurpeesSuck social media memes and shirt designs
- 1 year of Icon66 social media memes and shirt designs
- DTG FreeJet 500TX 2014 Multi Platten Digital Garment Printer
- Print Direct Rip Software & Chip
- 2ea 16 x 20 Stahls digital heat press
- Pre-Treat garment station & gun
- Misc fixtures, jigs and shirt templates for printing
- Desktop computer to run Rip / print software
- Shipping Easy software / account
- All ink and pre-treat supplier sources
- Printer manufacturer and spare parts suppliers 
- All garment supplier information
- Heat transfer process station for brand logos
- On site training and support available (Up to 90 days thru the holidays)
- Graphic design training for DTG Printer
- 5 Year non-compete in the fitness market.


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