Over four years ago we started a brand called BurpeesSuck. It all started when we were talked into trying out Crossfit. The very first WOD we did had a whole lot of burpees in it. For those of you who have done burpees, you are familiar with the degree of difficulty and muscle soreness they bring on. For the next couple of days we kept uttering “Burpees Suck” over and over again until we realized that it was fitting name for a motivational t-shirt company.

At first, everything we did with BurpeesSuck was to motivate ourselves to continue with our commitment to getting fit and healthy. Fitness doesn’t come easy for us, so it was great to have an outlet for our excitement and our pain. Soon a few people found us, and then, more and more people found us. Our distaste for burpees and our brand of motivation caught on and eventually what was once a hobby became a business.

We are now in the final stages of expanding BurpeesSuck. We purchased a Direct To Garment printer so we can print our designs ourselves. With our new DTG printer we have more control over quality and design placement creativity. This BurpeesSuck journey has been amazing and frustrating and scary but we are so grateful to have shared it with all of our BurpeesSuck friends. Without all of you, BurpeesSuck would never have grown to what it is today. We appreciate all of your support and feedback - more than you will ever know. We are excited to see where BurpeesSuck goes from here, so stay tuned and let’s all kick some ass together!