Welcome to BurpeesSuck Racerback of the Month Club! We are very excited to offer new types of racers to the BurpeesSuck line of shirts. Each month’s design will be screen printed on poly and tri blend racers. This is going to be a great way to add shirts to your gym gear. Of course, if you don’t like one month’s racer - just opt out that month. The best part… if you purchase a 6 month subscription this month, you will receive a black racer with the BurpeesSuck logo on the front.  Don’t miss out, the deadline to purchase a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription level is AUGUST 20th. Check out this month’s shirt design and don’t forget about the great bonus for purchasing a 6 month subscription!






Subscription Levels

Level I $25.00  (One Month - 1 Racerback)
$25 Racerback of the month + Free US Shipping
Level II $69.00 (3 Months - 3 Racerbacks + 1 Bonus Item) 
$23 Racerback of the Month - 3 Racerbacks + Free Shipping Each Month
1 BurpeesSuck Bonus Item
Level III $120.00 (6 Months - 7 Racerbacks + 1 Bonus Item)
$20 Racerback of the Month + Free Shipping Each Month 
1 BurpeesSuck Bonus Item
1 BurpeesSuck Black Her Tank, Boyfriend Tee or His Tee Front Print - We will contact you on the front print design, shirt size and style within 72 hours of order being placed. This item will be shipped with the 1st month’s Racerback
Monthly Timeline R.O.T.M. Club (Racerback Of The Month Club)
•1st of each month - New Design/Racer Style announced on Social Media and Email
•1st thru the 20th - Subscription is open for purchase
•The 15th - Last day to opt-out for the current month’s design
•21st thru 27th - BurpeesSuck print production
•28th Racerbacks and Bonus Items ship
•Racerback + Bonus items received around the 1st of the following month
Opt Out
If you purchase a 3 or 6 month subscription level and you do not like the racerback offered in a month - you may opt out. In order to opt out, you must email us at team.support@icon66.biz and let us know prior to the 20th of each month. The month that you opt out will be added to the end of your 3 or 6 month’s purchase. You MUST email us to opt out by 15th of the month. After that date, you may not opt out.

The Racerback
Each month BurpeesSuck.com will chose a design and one or more racerback material color combinations as the shirt of the month. The racerback and design will change month to month.*
New Designs Monthly - 2017 Schedule
July = Stay the Course on one of 2 Racerback Color Styles = Completed 
August = BSW
September = Halloween Design To be Announced
October = To Be Announced
November = Holidays Design - To be Announced
December = New Year Design - To Be Announced
Giving ROTM as a Gift
If you would like to purchase a ROTM Club as a gift, just purchase the 1, 3 or 6 month subscription and fill out the person’s info in the SHIP TO area. We will ship their shirts directly to them each month. If you purchase a 6 month subscription for someone, you will receive the Referral $10 BurpeesSuck store credit. If you have any questions please email us at team.support@icon66.biz.
Warranty and Returns
Manufacturer’s Defect - BurpeesSuck will replace any damaged racerback if a claim is made within 5 days of receiving the product.
Wrong Size - BurpeesSuck will exchange for size, if a claim is made within 3 days of receiving the product. The unworn/unwashed shirt must be returned and received by BS, at the consumers cost, prior to the new size being sent. Note: Claims after 3 days will not be processed due to these products being made as a one time run. BurpeesSuck.com reserves the right to not replace the product but offer an additional month and provide a new product the following month.
*BurpeesSuck reserves the right to offer a different racerback than the one shown if circumstances beyond our control occur. Additionally, we reserve the right to push out ROTM one month, again due to circumstances beyond our control.
**The person referred must add your name at time of purchase. Only one $10 credit will be added per person who purchases the 6 month level. If at any time the person referred cancels their subscription, then your $10 credit will be reversed.
***If the ROTM is not available in a 2XL then BurpeesSuck will be substitute for a racerback that is available in that size.
BurpeesSuck may change or alter the terms of the ROTM Club at any time per our sole discretion.
For fixed-length subscriptions: The shirt of the month subscription fee is paid up front and may not be cancelled. However, if BurpeesSuck agrees to cancel your subscription then we will issue a refund of the remainder month’s fees minus a $5 fee for each month cancelled plus the full retail cost of the bonus items shipped to you. A refund will not be given for months that a shirt was shipped to you.